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Where to get Puffin Hardcover Classics?

You might have come across this pretty classic editions in attractive colors and very beautiful cover designs in various Instagram profiles. If you were wondering what editions are they? They are non other than Puffin Hardcover Classics (Not to confuse with Puffin Clothbound Classics).

As far as I am aware of (I can be wrong of course!) there are totally 23 titles under this collection of which I own only 8 so far. All of these are pre-loved copies I got from my local bookshop called "Blossoms Book House" in Bangalore.

Most of the titles are still available as fresh copies online with one or other sellers, so I will list out my Amazon Affiliated links connecting directly to the books. If you decide to buy from here the price will be of same but I will get some commission out of it 🤗

If any of the title is not currently available, just add them to your wish list and turn on "Notify Me" option so that as soon as it becomes available you will get a notification! And voila you can get before any one else does.

The worst part in book collection is of course the waiting phase, but I can assure that you will be rewarded for your patience! Just keep watch on these products below 👇

Titles I own:

Black Beauty

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

The Adventures of Robin Hood

The wind in the willows

The call of the wild

Goodnight Mister Tom

Just So Stories

The Railway Children

Titles on my Wish List:

Anne of green gables


The Secret Garden

Peter Pan

The Wizard of Oz

The Little Princess

Grimm's Fairy Tales

Charlotte's Web

Tales of the Greek heroes

The Jungle Book

Treasure Island

Little Women

A christmas Carol

Oliver Twist

Tarka the otter

I hope this list was useful! Now! May the odds be ever in your favour... Happy Collecting Games 🏹

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