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What made me to travel?

If you ask me why do you travel? I might ask Why wouldn’t you? Because travel is not something novel. All of us are doing that one way or other. But only few stops to enjoy the travel rather than the destination.

Everybody is born with traveller’s gene. Otherwise why would children be excited when you tell them that you are taking them somewhere new? Or why would they be interested in getting a window seat (not only children though 😉) during journey.

Some get addicted to travel very easily than the others. But I believe with little push anybody can fall into this pool of joy. I never needed one though because the force is stronger in me!

It all started back in 2015, our office team planned for 1 night/2 days trip to Yelagiri. Which is located around 230kms from Chennai. A perfect weekend getaway.

The trip was very usual with dance during the transit, unlimited gossips, food, fun and everything else. We reached yelagiri around 5pm evening.

We checked into Yatri Nivas resort that can be found near to Yelagiri Police Station. We were promised that we would have a campfire.

Unfortunately rain ruined our campfire plan. But few of us had times of our life out in the rain, dancing, shouting like mad people. After the rain dance we settled down for some team building activities (a corporate way of having fun).

When everything is said and done, we went on to sleep. The next we woke up early and went out to roam around yelagiri.

We found an adventure park called Thrill Valley but some spoil sport in the team suggested we have something similar in Chennai itself why would anyone come and do here! End of discussion.

We went to do what every tourist of yelagiri will do. Yay! Boating 😏.. But it was very long queue. Out of nowhere few of us gathered and planned for something interesting.

One guy have already been to Yelagiri with his friends and knew one trekking trail that leads to a temple in the top of the hill. That’s all its planned around 10 out of 60 people started our trek.

The base camp itself was around 4km from the boating club. But the lead guy pranked us saying it’s just around the corner and took us. We started walking.

We dnt have water bottles, for 10 of us just bought a 2lt water bottle on the way. We didn’t have proper shoes. I was wearing my ballerinas which torn before we even reach base camp.

I have no other option to walk barefoot or go back. I decided to go on bare foot. But it was the best decision. I had better grip that the others without proper shoes.

We had steps leading up most of the way but at some places it was rocky. The hike was for 1 and half an hour long. Bit tiring for first time. But none of us gave up and reached the viewpoint on the top.

The view from uphill was totally worth it. We visited the temple and hiked downhill which took only 40 mins. From the base camp village we hitchiked on the back of some load van and came back to resort.

Everyone who was at the resort waiting for us were little angry that we didn’t return on time but we never cared because we were still in high from the trek.

The feel that I got after I completed the hike is what made me realize. Yes! I like the pleasure this pain gives me. And I would give anything in this world for that pleasure.

Ever since that trip. I couldn’t stay put. Working 5 days in the four-sided cubicle became claustrophobic. Waiting for the weekend to come to breathe in more air.

That is when I started exploring this new found ecstacy. And I was not disappointed. There are so many nomads just like me waiting to explore the unexplored.

Like I said earlier I got addicted to travel very easily than others. This one trek was more than enough to push me into the pool of joy that I was not even aware of until am drown into it.

This is how my traveller gene got activated!