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Uprooted - A High Fantasy based on Folklores

Uprooted by Naomi Movie, is my maiden read by this Author. It is of High Fantasy genre and the good thing about the book is, its a stand-alone! The author has reimagined Slavik Folklores and integrated it with Polish culture to give a perfect blend of ethnicity.

Agneishka lives in a village called Dvernik, in a valley with lurking evil woods at its borders. The woods separates two rival nations Polnya and Rosya. 20 yrs earlier, the Prince of Rosya ran away with Queen of Polnya and get lost in evil woods, thereby blaming each other and constantly at war.

The woods is not stagnant, it lures people in and feed on them to expand its territory. It spread its corruption in all ways deemed possible. The entire valley is protected by a powerful wizard known as "Dragon" who in turn takes a girl from the valley once in 10 yrs. Even though the girls return from their servitude they never stay put in the valley again.

When Agneishka was born in a tribute year, her seal is fated with other girls who were born on same year. But the whole valley is in a delusion that Kasia will be the one who will be chosen as she is the brightest among all girls. But they are in shock when dragon picks Agneishka, who is clumsy and not good at anything in particular.

Ever since Agneishka arrives at Dragon's tower, her entire life changes as she learns she is witch just like him. Together Dragon and Agneishka gets pulled into epic battle between Humans & Evil woods.

The book is engaging from the page one till end! There were times when I had to take a moment to really process so many things happening at once! It ends in nail-biting climax which is only befitting. Overall I rated is 4⭐ and it's a must read!

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