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The Wedding Date - A Perfect Fake Dating Troupe!

Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory is a quick no stress romance read with fake dating troupe. I think this is the second book am reading after To all the Boys I loved Before with this troupe. I must say unlike TATBILB , this one is pure adult version though.

The Female Main Character is Alexa. I really liked the Black Girl representation here and the fact that she is working in Mayor's office in respectable position. She is portrayed as one who strive hard for her dream project, to help the Black Kids who gets arrested for meagre reasons to not be treated like criminals but to give a fair chance at normal life!

The Male Protagonist Drew, is a pediatrician. The reason he came up with for working as Kid's doctor really cracked me up! He is portrayed as someone who gets too attached to his little patients, which is again a cute trait that are not usually associated with male characters. All the more reason to love him!

So, fortunately somehow our Hero and Heroine gets stuck in a hotel elevator at the right moment! By the time they are out of the "Elevator" situation, Drew convinces Alexa to be his fake date for a wedding that he came down to attend in her town.

One thing leading to another, their casual fake date quickly escalates and forces them to take some rather regrettable decisions causing their whole arrangement to collapse. But how they manage to keep their relationship afloat even after stupid decisions they make is the rest of the story.

I did not expect much from this type of book other than pure entertainment and it certainly provided my just that so rating it 4 ⭐ for this reason!

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