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The Switch - A Perfect Dose of Family Drama

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

The Switch by Beth O'Leary is a family drama through and through. It is a very fresh concept and the author has done perfect justice to the plot and characters. It follows the lives of 3 generation of Cotton family women. The story is told in Grandma (Eileen Cotton) and Grand daughter (Leena cotton) alternative POVs

These 3 cotton women are in various stages of Grief after losing Carla (Leena's sibling) to cancer. Leena is in the 2nd stage of grieving "Anger". She blames her mother and Carla for giving up easily and she never forgive her mum for it. These thoughts badly reflects in her competitive career to the point she was asked to go on 2 month of sabbatical.

Marian (Leena's mum) is in 3rd stage of grief "Depression". She starts to have emotional breakdowns and taking anti depressants and various other therapies to keep her from falling apart. She depends on her mother Eileen for moral support.

Eileen is literally the one who is keeping this family together. Even though she faces the trauma of her husband leaving her for another women at the age of 70+ she still hold together so well. She pulls her courage from Carla's memory.

When Leena visit her Grandma who lives in countryside, she come up with an amazing idea. To switch their lives and experience the world through other people's shoes. Eileen who was resistant in the beginning soon get carried away and set on to London to take Leena's place, whereas Leena stays back as Yorkshire at grandma's home.

And so the rest is history! Am not gonna giveaway anymore plot details. But do know I thoroughly enjoyed this book and gave it 5 ⭐ so obviously I highly recommend it.

If you wish to buy the book click here. It is Amazon Affiliated link. The price will be same but if you get though this I will get some commission :)

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