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Tell Her Everything - Haunting yet beautiful story!

It's been a while since I was emotionally wrecked by a book. Thanks to 'Tell Her Everything' by Mirza Waheed am not able to come out of this experience as easily I would prefer to. To be honest I even tried picking up another book immediately to put this feeling behind. But even through those pages I couldn't come out of this book.

So here to the hoping that this book will lessen its hold on me atleast after I penned down my experience with it. Here I am, trying to move on from this by writing about it (Please let's consider it as 'Review' for my sake).

The entire book is written in such a way that the Protagonist Kaiser, a retired Doctor, is trying hard to formulate his words describing the kind of choices he had to make during his duty, to his only daughter Sara.

DR K is currently residing in London in a spacious property looking over Thames. But the things he has done to reach this dream haunts his retired mind. His only way out seems to be having regular mental conversation with Sara.

Sara has never been with him for almost 2 decades. She was sent to live with Uncle and Aunt in US after the premature demise of her mother. In the meantime Kaiser was so busy working, doing all sorts of things that was asked of him without much of a second thoughts.

Little did he know that these very acts will make his peaceful life that he is planning in future with his daughter, a living hell! The reason why this book has resonated in me is, its too raw and brutally honest with Human's selfish intentions.

We all would have made some decisions out of sheer selfishness even though if it's not as haunting as Dr K's its still leave with powerful impact (Atleast for me!)

I rated it 4 ⭐ but be warned it takes it sweet time to grow on us!

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