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Sisters of Sword & Songs - A Thrilling Adventure

Sisters of Sword & Songs by Rebecca Ross is a thrilling young adult fantasy. This story is set in a world where Gods and Humans used to co exist thereby paving a way to Magical and Non Magical Communities. As humans grew to be power hungry species, Gods are disappointed and return to Heaven.

They all leave one relic behind representing themselves, promising the owner to have a part of Magic when they find it. Kirkos, the god of wind, is in love with mortal woman and he fell from heaven to live and die as Mortal. He is no longer worshipped except by his descendants.

Evadne and Halcyon hails from Kirkos' divine line. When Evadne along with her family eagerly awaits her older sister's return from army training, Halcyon visit her sister in the dead of the night in secret. She is now a fugitive running away from her crime, hunted by the Commander.

Evadne, who is always overshadowed by her sister gets her moment and she chose to protect her sister. I can strongly feel the Hunger Games' Everdeen Sisters vibe. Only here, the younger sister is the one who stands for older. By doing so Evadne realizes there is so much going on in this world without her knowledge. Nevertheless that doesn't stop her from embarking on a mission destined upon her sister.

Will Evadne, a naive girl can complete the mission and protect her sister? What is the fate of Halcyon, a renowned warrior? What becomes of the relics left by Gods? are all answered as thoroughly as possible!

I also loved the strong familial bond shown throughout the story. Evadne's love interest is as pure as it can get and it's so heartwarming! It makes me wants to protect them at all costs. Overall its a satisfying read and I will rate it 4⭐

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