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Real Men knit - Breaking Stereotypes

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Okay! Real Men Knit by Kwan Jackson. This super cozy contemporary romance novel which is entirely set on Yarn Shop (or wool?) is what I picked for #readingblackstories readathon. Its super engaging story from the beginning!

When the neighborhood knit shop owner Mama Joy who was heart and soul of the community passes away, her four adoptive sons are fated to make a decision regarding the much loved store.

When all brothers suggest to sell the shop, Jesse Strong wants to revamp and give the business a try. As he is known for his non-committal attitude and well regarded as breaker of women's heart, the other brothers don't agree with him.

Kerry Fuller, who was working side by side with Mama Joy, supports Jesse's idea and step in to give him a crash course until he get hang on the business. As the childhood crushes spend more time in each other's proximity, Jesse couldn't control her feelings for her.

But there is more than just his reputation on line this time. How he manages to pull off Knitting Shop as well as his love life is the rest of the story. Its a very light read and can be enjoyed as audio book as well. I gave it ⭐⭐⭐⭐

If you wish to buy the book click here. It is Amazon Affiliated link. The price will be same but if you get though this I will get some commission :)


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