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Odessa - A Post Apocalyptic Own Voice Graphic Novel

Odessa by Jonathan Hill is a Graphic Novel set in Western Part of America that was ruined by an Earthquake of great magnitude some 8 yrs ago. It not only collapsed the cities and ended the civilization, it completely changed the landscape. Forming a wall that separates the Eastern and Western parts. Some mysterious plants and sea creatures started to appear in the wake of it marking the land unliveable.

Virginia Crane (Ginny) is a Vietnamese-American teenager who lives with her 2 younger brothers and dad in the ruined city. Their mother left them as kids shortly after the quake to never return. They learnt to survive against all the odds and lead the best life they could under the circumstances.

When a package arrives for Ginny on her 18th birthday, the memories of her mother is rekindled. She decides to leave behind her family and the life they built together in search of her almost Non-Existent mother.

She set off to San Francisco to find her uncle with whom her mother stayed for a while after she left them. But Ginny never realised how dangerous the life has become out there. Ginny's exploration of the ruined world with dangers lurking every corner is covered in this volume.

All the artwork is done in the combination of Pink, White and Black as that of in the cover page. Even though it works well with the characters, it didnt do justice in depicting the post apocalyptic background. Also the story did not end in this one. We have to wait for 2nd volume to know the fate of Ginny and her mother.

All in all I will give 3 ⭐

Thank You @netgalley and @onipress for providing me this review copy.

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