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Need Goa without hell lot of rush? Head to Varkala!

Updated: Jul 25

If you are planning to head to a beach destination and dnt want to spend the entire trip only in beach, this might come handy for you.

Be warned when visiting in July through October! You would be disappointed if you are looking forward to sun kissed beaches but one can definitely be ecstatic if you are monsoon lover.

Some places can be admired only when there are not much people around to share the space. Varkala, a beach destination in Kerala is one such beauty you wouldn’t wish to go in crowded season.

During monsoon its usually off season hence only permanent structures would be available. But no worries you can always find something of your taste.

The first important thing is choosing the right stay. The best view is from cliff so choose better from ample amount of choices available with clif view. Its being off season you can even walk in!

We checked in late afternoon and ventured out after refreshing for Lunch and we walked along the Varkala beach and found the steps leading up to cliff.

The view from cliff was just Wooow! It was the first time we both admiring ocean from the cliff. And to add to the beauty it was almost the time for sunset.

Varkala Beach View from the cliff

We took our time to stroll along the cliff where you can find number of stalls. Finally settled in a shop and silently enjoyed the sunset sipping the hot coffee.

All sunsets and sunrises are magical and so does the one from cliff. Have dinner at the place of your choice and say it a early night because you are going to be very busy the next day.

Sunset stroll along the Cliff

Start the day early. Hire scooty or similar vehicle to get around easily and economically. You can ask the property you stay for arranging the same.

Almost all the places I mentioned in this article are well marked in Google Maps. But it wouldn’t hurt to stop and ask the people around when you are not sure!


The first stop for the day would be Anchuthengu fort and light house. One can get panoramic view of the vast ocean and shore together from the fort. Bird’s eye view of the fort can be seen from up the Light House. Trust me both views are sight to behold!

Bird’s eye view from the Light House


Never knew this place existed until we drove past right through it. It is sea link bridge that was under construction. Hope it would have been completed by now. If you haven’t been to rocky beaches, this place can give you taste if it.

And of course! You can definitely click a photo or two for quenching your social butterfly urge.

Chirayinkeezhu sea link bridge


The name of the place is literally translated into Golden Island. The google map might end abruptly with no island in view. But don’t panic. Ask the people around. They have their own boat to take you into the island. Be sure to bargain for best price there are no standard pricing.

The island in itself is not so great just a normal land amidst backwater with small temple in it. But the boat ride around the island was really enjoyable with wholistic view.

Boat ride to Ponnumthuruthu

Kappil Beach:

It can be considered as perfect rocky beach! Waves were ferocious that day hence nobody dared to get anywhere near to water. It was about to rain too.

We witnessed the thunderstorm raging in distant and slowly moving towards consuming everything on its way. It was really spooky kind of experience!

The storm raging in Kappil Beach

Sivagiri Mutt:

Last but never the least, if you are spiritual person then this place for you. Even if not, its worth paying visit because the towns name “Varakala Sivagiri” is derived from it hence it hold some significance. Also the drive towards it was pleasant one too.

After a day long visit its time to get back to the cozy room to freshen up for dinner. Because the cliff and surroundings really come to life at night. Roam around find a perfect spot for you and have a wonderful dinner to top it all!

Hope you have unforgettable trip to Varkala as I did!

Few more photos to tempt…

The picture perfect frame

Coffee in Cliff

Light house view from Anchuthengu fort

Lush green pathway to the fort

The other side view from Light House