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Meet me in Bombay - Star Crossed Historical Fiction !

Meet me in Bombay by Jenny Ashcroft is a historical fiction romance, set in colonial Bombay during the period of 1914 and thereafter covering the major World War 1 events elaborately. This book is perfect for people who like Love at first sight or Star Crossed lovers or even if you have a thing for tragedies.

The Female MC, maddy visit her family in Bombay for short period of time from London. She longs to be back there soon. The first few days in India, all she or anyone else has to talk about was how "baking" Indian temperature is. It gets repeated over and over again to the point of annoyance (Because come on! Its a well established fact after all!)

When she runs into male MC Like, it is love at first sight for either of them and just because Luke doesn't want her to feel homesick but enjoy what Bombay has to offer, she is suddenly appreciative of the city and it's lifestyle.

Soon both of their lives get tangled and when world war 1 looms over everyone, Luke had to lead Indian Troops in Western front line. There after the whole world comes between Maddy and Luke.

This book is unbearably sad and dragging but the thing that kept me from abandoning it is the parallel timeline story set in future. It gives the glimpse of what is about to happen and only the anticipation of how the events will play out kept me going.

I must say that am rather impressed by the climax though. It was so fitting and I did not see it coming which made this entire reading experience better in the end. Like any historical fiction, this book has done total justice telling the story of common people against the extraordinary world events. It is only because of the climax am giving it 4 ⭐

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