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Dear Emmie Blue - Probably your next favorite romance read!

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Dear Emmie Blue by Lia Louis is basically a heart throbbing romance novel, but the special thing about this book is that it focuses on more than just romance. It teaches us to give benefit of doubt when our loved ones makes a mistake, because everyone deserves a second chance!

When a 16 yr old Emmie releases a red balloon from her school field with her details attached to it, she also wanted to let go off the secret she is guarding. Across the ocean, 100s of miles away Lucas also 16, discovers it and mail her right away. Hence blooming the friendship that withstand the test of time.

At their 30th birthday eve (Oh! Yeah they happen to share their birthday too) Emmie faces the biggest turning point in her life. Emmie, who never pursued anyone or anything seriously for past 14yrs faces an earth shattering reality.

How Emmie is going to survive this? Is she even going to make a life for herself? What happens with the secret she is guarding? Will it overpower her life? Are answered satisfactorily throughout the story.

All the significant characters were given enough attention to details also at times it surprised me with such a positive writing style. I don't even pick up romance novels very easily but me reading an ARC should say something isn't it? Gratefully am not at all disappointed. I will rate it solid 4 ⭐ (Minus 1 star for obvious clichés and predictability at times).

If you wish to buy the book click here. It is Amazon Affiliated link. The price will be same but if you get though this I will get some commission :)



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