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Akata Warrior - Akata Witch Part 2

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Hello all! After a long time I binge read Akata Witch series. I think 3rd book is work in progress but luckily I can wait as the 2nd book didn't end in worst cliff hanger. It had perfect finishing by itself but I wouldn't mind returning to this Nigerian Secret Magical Society over and over again. Let me talk about the 4 MC's in the book. They make quite a gang!

Sunny - She is an Albino girl who struggles to find her real identity and purpose in life. She is kind of CHOSEN ONE and always in a constant mulling over the fact that something greater is expected of her. But after the events of 1st book, she quickly adapt to her destiny and do all the things that will lead up to fulfil it.

Chichi - Ah! she can very well be Hermione's character doppelganger but where Hermione lacks the enthusiasm to Rule Breaking naturally, Chichi is totally made to smash every rule in existence. She is too smart and over confident for her own good. Luckily in a gang, her knowledge goes hand in hand with the other's who are lack of it.

Sasha - Ditto of Chichi but only Male Version. He has been sent to Nigeria because he have violated some pretty strict Magical Non disclosure rules in US. Soon he and Chichi becomes attached to each other on intellectual and emotional level.

Orlu - Sunny's love interest is a cool headed boy who thrive to respect every single rules. He works well under pressure when everyone has already given up. He reminds me of Hagrid with his great enthusiasm and knowledge of Magical Creatures.

Together they set off on an dangerous adventure of going to a place that Sunny dreams about it over and over again. She strongly believes that she has something to do there and her friends totally jump in with her in this quest.

The journey is as perilous as it can get but they get help at unexpected moments and continue their detour. There comes a day when even they know that this can be their last day but still they persevere.

Do they really reach the place they were looking for? And even if they did are they walking into a trap or Whats exactly in store for them? Did Sunny fulfil her destiny? Is what follows the rest of the story. It is a straight 4⭐ read for me! Hope you like it too...

If you wish to buy the book click here. It is Amazon Affiliated link. The price will be same but if you get though this I will get some commission :)

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