More about Book and Books Only

First of all a hearty welcome to my website and second of all a big Thanks for choosing to spend more time to know about my page further. Even as you read this, you may wonder when there are millions of pages like mine exists, what more I have to offer? Okay, let me try to convince you otherwise if you are still reading this!

Personal Book Reviews

Under this banner you can find the honest and critical (yet not so critical) book reviews. Why the name personal book reviews you ask me ? just to distinguish that these are the reviews of the books that I own or even if I have not owned yet but still captured my interest for various reasons.

NetGalley Book Reviews

As you all know, one cannot view the reviews of one particular person under their profile or anywhere (except under the book details) in NetGalley,  I decided to document all the reviews I submit there, here as well. I maybe a Newbie in NetGalley but not to writing reviews so here you can find the unbiased reviews of the books that are soon to be released or just released!

Book Recommendations

I love researching about books as much as reading them. The thing that excites me most in any readathons I participate is choosing book for particular prompts. Believing the compliments that I received so far from my fellow Book Nerds that I have a knack for recommending good books, I will try my best to convince you to pick up your next read from my list! (Of course its in my nature to always aim for the moon!)

Book Collections

There are too many Bookhooligans ganging up against me and waiting for their chance to rob me off my treasures! Before they try to attempt anything serious, I will be spilling all my secrets of the Book Collecting Art here. Also, even through the fear of heist, I will still treat your eyes & bookish soul with my beautiful collections that am very very proud of!

Bookish Merchandise

The struggle is real when it comes to finding Bookish Merchandise. It gets even harder from there to settle for the best one out there. I wish there was an almost all in one kinda beginner guide to know about various small businesses in market. Since I couldn't find any, I decided to create a repository where you can get all the information along with my personal experience with each and every bookish products I own.

Bookish Candles

If you have known me for a while or even if not, you can come to a conclusion that am a hopeless candle addict! So, how can I not create a separate vault to store my candle knowledge. In here you can find all the candles I ever owned and all that is there to know about procuring them and caring them like babies.

Hope its a Hello! not a GoodBye...

If you have still followed me here, let me hope its a Hello! not a GoodBye. But that's pretty much all I had to say. If you are in this with me, then what are you waiting for? Get ready to jump into the Rabbit Hole! Will meet you on the other side...